Trendy Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Limited space is a challenge for most city dwellers. Even if you dream of spacious bathrooms, the reality is that you must make the most out of what little bathroom space you have. Fortunately, you can still turn a small bathroom into a unique space with a few creative ideas.


Choose slim and sleek bathroom sinks 

Specially designed for small bathrooms, narrow sinks replace conventional styles while offering the same functionality. You can also do away with cabinets under the sink and use hanging storage for toiletries and other bathroom essentials.


Use every available space 

A common problem with small bathrooms is the inability to maximise every open space. For example, you can use the space above the toilet to install a shower rod. The same area can accommodate extra storage for toiletries. Putting fixtures up against the wall tricks the eyes to focus upwards, thus making space look a lot bigger than it is.


Be creative with ladder shelves 

Ladder shelves work well with limited space. With a more open design and less bulky fixtures attached to the walls, you have more storage space available that you would with ordinary cabinetry. Ladder shelves are perfect for storing your bath essentials like towels, bath products, and hygiene kits.


Consider a shower pod 

A shower pod may be a worthy investment if you have limited bathroom space. With this, you won’t have to compromise quality. You can find shower pods with a compact design perfect for installing in the corner of your bathroom. There are shower pods that come with inclusions such as built-in shower head and shower jets.

Shower pods have glass doors which give an illusion of continuous space. A continuous glass shower enclosure is more functional and durable than a regular bathtub. It is also more accessible for homes with older adults and children.


Wall-mounted taps 

Another space saving and modern design idea for small bathrooms are wall-mounted taps. A wall-mounted tap means you can reduce the size of your counter, enough for adding only the essential items you need.


Unclutter your bathroom 

One of the culprits of a cramped bathroom is not the limited space but the presence of clutter. There is a tendency for some homeowners to store unnecessary stuff inside the bathroom. For example, you can remove extra towels to free up shelves. You can limit your toiletries and keep those you use on a regular basis. You’ll be surprised by the amount of clutter causing your bathroom to look cramped and small.


Invest in finishes 

Since you have a small bathroom, you can splurge on some of the finishes like floor tiles and wall tiles. You can also add quality accent lighting, a floating style toilet, heated floors, and towel warmers that double as a towel rod as well.


Use a sliding door 

Another trend in small bathrooms is to use sliding doors. It is a sleek and modern style especially if you use a reclaimed barn door and refurbish it as your bathroom sliding door.

The bottom line is, space is not a limitation in creating a beautiful and functional bathroom. All you need is a bit of creativity to have your dream bathroom in a limited area.