Reasons Why Engraved Plaques Medali Expensive Olympics

The biggest sporting event of the year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to be held in the Japanese nation will compete for 5000 engraved plaques medals from 39 sports to be contested. The Japanese host is preparing for the Olympics so that it can run safely and smoothly where there will be approximately 10,000 athletes from all over the world ready for a gold medal plaque engraving. The athletes will definitely be fighting hard to reach the first champion and it is certain engraved plaque gold medal is sure to be grasped. So what exactly is the appeal of this gold medal? What really makes this Olympic gold medal “expensive”?

In the days of the ancient Greek Olympics, plaque award medal still not awarded to the winners of the match. The champions will only get the essay from the olive flower that will be placed on the head of the champions. Only the first winner only, and will not be awarded to the second and third winners. Then in 1896 when the first modern Olympics was held, then the medal was introduced to the first win but the medal was made of silver instead of gold. The second winner will also get a bronze medal and there is no third winner. Only later in 1904, all winners from one to three each received gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals. And the gold medals that are given are all made of gold. Similarly, the silver and bronze medals. And it all went on until the Olympics in 1912.

Afterwards, in the next Olympic Games, all medal plaques must have provisions of the related body of IOC, where all medals must be 5 cm in diameter with 2.5 mm thick. And all medals are also not pure gold or silver all, but contain 92.55{dc662ac5a3e8c43d33979078c4aa37c4ecaae0439e32f9e3f9c09405749720e4} silver and coated 0.6 grams of gold. As for the bronze medal, itself must be pure than 100{dc662ac5a3e8c43d33979078c4aa37c4ecaae0439e32f9e3f9c09405749720e4} bronze. And guess what the price of the gold medal for this Rio Olympics if cashed in rupiah? We will only get about 7 millions for a gold medal. Is cheap not it? But what makes it expensive? The medal is the result of an athlete’s struggle that initially they had to struggle in advance with the many achievements before being able to follow the Olympics. And for the winners, the medals become a symbol of their hard work, with exhausting physical exercises, fighting endurance, striving to uphold sportsmanship while competing and certainly the ultimate glory where it is attached to the athletes. And this is what will make a medal an “expensive” medal.