How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way

Your home’s first impression starts with the look of your lawn. You have to take proper care of maintaining it or else your home will eventually lose its curb appeal. Mowing is a delicate task that can either make or break a lawn’s appearance.If you do it properly, your lawn will look very neat and even. Mowing your lawn regularly can help keep away the pests present in the grass. Also, the cut-out pieces of grass can be used as fertilizer for the rest of the lawn. You can always hire a professional gardener to look after your lawn, but many people choose to do it themselves. It may be hectic, but it can surely beenjoyable!

If you choose to mow your lawn on your own, this comprehensive guide will help you out.

  1. How Much Should You Cut?

Many people will make the mistake of cutting the grass too short. But this is not a good idea. The left-out grass will only dry out faster. There will not be enough grass to make your lawn look full. The idea is that you should leave the grass to aboutthree inches high and cutoffany additional. The main factor that increases the look of your lawn is the evenness of the grass which you have cut.Even if you leave two inches of grass, it should be even throughout the lawn. If you cut off too much, the grass will need to regrow again –which will result in your lawn having an uneven appearance.

  1. When Should You Mow?

It might be a time-consuming task to mow the lawn regularly. But if you don’t, the grass will grow out too long and when you do cut it, you will have to deal with a lot of grass to throw out. To cut outextra long grass, you will need to use a trimmer instead. This is not healthy for the grass as compared to a lighter cut. Your lawn will require more time to heal and the regrowth process will be very slow.

On the other hand, if you mow it regularly, you will use a lighter cut. In this way, the grass will take less time to heal and regrow itself. If the grass is growing fast, you can cut it twice a week. But if the growth is slow, you can do it once a week.

  1. What Should You Do with The Clippings?

Most people put the clippings in a trash bag and throw them out.You may be unaware that grass clippings contain various nutrients that are essential for lawn growth. Eventually, you will be paying more for additional fertilizer when you throw away the natural fertilizer you already have. Grass clippings have so much nitrogen and other minerals which can be very nutritional for your lawn. You can save a lot of money by keeping the clippings.

By leaving some of the clippings in the grass, they will naturally decay and provide organic matter for the soil. So, do not throw them out.

  1. Which Mower Blades Should You Use?

The last thing that you need to know about mowing your lawn is knowing the right mower blade to use. The thing is, most people do not sharpen their mower blades which ultimately leads to an unevenly cut lawn.Instead of making a clean cut, the blade will rip out the grass from the ground totally. This is bad because the rough patches of your lawn will not heal away quickly. You will end up with bald patches in your lawn.

Even if you cannot sharpen your blade regularly, you can buy two blades so that you can use one blade when the other one is being sharpened. In this way, you can mow your lawn without leaving ragged patches.

Here are some of the additional tips which can help you a lot while moving your lawn for a nicer look:

  • Always mow your lawn when the grass is dry. It is good for the grass as well as for the blade.
  • You can avoid cutting the grass in the heat. This will create heat stress for the grass and will also affect you.
  • If you always mow in one direction, the grass will learn to grow in that direction. Change your mowing pattern every time.
  • When mowing beside walkways, driveways and planting areas, you can create a flat edging by rolling the wheel of the mower on this edging. This will eliminate the need for a trimmer.